Individual horoscopes are the most commonly known form of Astrology in the world. Now days, there are lots of challenges in individual life and most of the person find instant and accurate solutions for that.

In this matter, Trivedi Ravi is providing best astrological services. He can resolve many problems of individual life for example, help to find perfect period when one can get Job, help in selection of Job or business, Marriage yog as well as help to improve marriage life, he is expert to predict when one can get property.

Trivedi Ravi had studied vedic astrology, KP astrology, Navmansha method, arudh pada, Sarvatobhadra chakra, Muhurt shahtr, Numerology, Lo shu grid, Vastu shahtra. He is passionate for pure astrology and prediction. Trivedi Ravi is professional astrologer and practicing since 1993.


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