25 February 2020 Blog

The Gold Price Down

I have predicted gold price in one of the social media group as mentioned below.
According to KP method, we can trying to find out price down for Gold, in up coming six months.
On Date:22-02-2020,
18:16 hrs

So we should select sub of MARS (Trend changer) and JUPITER.

The sequence of RP is connected at table #87 and #89.

We can convert the numbers as 870 and 890 points. So the price down level can be drawn to minus from current price 43k.

Now when will down level achieve, is the question.

Selection of month, out of next six months….

the Sun is available in RP and he will be led down price during rashi transit of selected Sub= Mars i.e. in Mesh rashi=Aries.

Around 20 April 2020, price correction may up to 41.3k

Logically price may down 87(0) points (43000-870=42130) and remaining (42130-890=41240).

42130 till 20 April 2020
And 40k after that.